Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Facebook Addiction

Believe it or not ... I am on facebook, 24/7! Madnessssss I know! But it's just that I find that facebook is so addictive nowadays. Insane lahhh weiii. I dont think I can leave without facebook now. It's a great social networking that is accessible all over the world. Thanks to the genious founder, Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow mates, for facebook.

Wherever I go, people will be talking about facebook. Facebook is like a life now! Being able to interact with people, send them messages, upload pictures, send virtual gifts, playing games, poke friends, other virtual actions ... makes me feel closer to people. The whole of my family has facebook! LOL That's one thing good. It's now become a medium of communication to us, the family. Other than personal, people use facebook for business purpose. oh oh and even some people I know, met their significant other on facebook. Just look how great the impact of facebook is.

Okay, first it was Friendster, then MySpace and now Facebook? And now I heard there's a Twitter, Flickr and so many others. I rather not get involved with too many, thus I will stick to only Facebook.

Lastly, I won't stop without warning people about the disadvantages of facebook. Just keep in mind of what technology can do to us. - be it bad or good. Just be careful, okay. Do not reveal all information or share everything personal with the whole world.

Keep on face-booking :-D

3rd April 2009 : 1Malaysia Concept

Again, I would like to apologize for not been blogging much, as I have been tied up with stuff.

Firstly, I think it's still not too late to congratulate YAB Dato' Sri Najib Tun Hj Abdul Razak as Malaysia's 6th Prime Minister (PM).

YAB PM is emphasizing on 'One Malaysia' or also known as '1Malaysia' concept for a mutual respect and unity among all different races, and that we are ONE. It's all about respecting and trusting each other.

This is a time for all to rally behind the new leadership and engage our minds to safeguarding the interests of all Malaysians even as we face the onslaught of global crisis.

I am confident that we'll get better in time, and that Malaysia will overcome its challenges in this challenging time.

Once again, my warmest congratulations to our new PM, and the whole of us are looking forward to a new leadership for a better Malaysia.


Monday, December 29, 2008

A new year ... a new beginning ... a new resolution!?

When the clock strikes twelve on 31st December 2008, it is automatic that people all over the world will cheer and wish 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' ... !!!

2009, hopefully a new year of a better tomorrow ... *fingers crossed* I have started receiving lots of New Year wishes since last week already ... Thanks everyone for the kind wishes. I would like to wish everyone another year of success, love, and happiness ...

As usual, I hear people talking about their New Year Resolutions... :-D Again!!! I've had the same resolutions for the past 3 years!! LOL and not that nothing has been done to achieve my goals, just that, it has not been 100% achieved! That makes a whole lot of a difference ok! :-p

I am rather not in the mood to write much, but I am taking this opportunity to wish everyone a new bright new year ahead!.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Malaysians are LAZY?

It is very sickening to see people come and go at your company. I notice that Malaysians, especially the fresh graduates are not motivated, lazy and they are lack of communication skills. I have interviewed so many candidates that came with different kind of attitudes and education background.

Instead of asking about the jobs, the candidates are more interested about the company's perks. They are demanding for high pay - they are timid, and tend to pretend to respect the elders, but in actual fact they are not honest with themselves. I have issues with these group of people because I personally think if the attitude continues, I am sure they won't feel happy.

I understand that for fresh graduates, their first job might not be their dream job, but it is a stepping stone for a successful career. How do you expect we, as employers to offer a high salary without any working experiences? Someone please tell me! Some might disagree with me but I am talking based on experience, and this is not a story that I created overnight.

I would love to see improvements in the working scene - I want to see Malaysians, especially the young people who are willing to carry more responsibilities and to be more dynamic. Malaysia is not a developed country, so we still have to work extra, extra harder ... This is what I am trying to plant in everybody's head...

Go figure!

Sunburst - A good taste to the ear

I know I have not been blogging for a while. I do not have much things to write these days as other than working, I have been 'facebooking' ... I love facebooking! LOL Okay ... I would love to share you about something ... So read on, peeps! Read on ... :-D

Sunburst, a refreshing music group consists of 5 local music heroes - I would say, their music sense is very unique and breathtaking. Here is a brief introduction about Sunburst. For more info, please click to the link :

Sunburst, was picked out as it means the sudden appearance of sunlight, as through a break in clouds and ☆ a decorative device representing the sun with spreading rays. The band was originated by Aslam and Bird somewhere in 2001, coached by the lead member of Bluesband-BrownSugar, the late Mr Hassan Ahmad. Initially Sunburst was formed as a 3-piece blues band, but soon decided to limb out with a full backbeat. Presently, the members of Sunburst are Aslam, Kirin, Bird, Ikmal from Bentley Music and Berg, with Aslam and Kirin on guitar, Bird on bass guitar, Berg as the vocalist and Ikmal on drums.Sunburst has a very unique sound of music. For those who have seen them performing live, or heard their demos will testify. Their sound might even be described as a testament to a variety of influences. Sunburst music defies precise categorization with a mixed touch of blues, blues rock, jazz, rock, rock and roll, and country. The band is greatly influenced by Eric Clapton, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, Doobie Brothers, Johnny Winter, Eagles, Wishbone Ash, Bad Company, Rolling Stone, Freddie King, Chuck Berry and Jimmy Hendrix, among others. It is a subtle fusion of textured guitars, suave basis and driving percussion, topped with expressive vocals.Sunburst is ever ready to rock the stage, with its members' gifted music talent and a great stage performance experiences that by far satisfies the fans. These local music heroes has performed in various shows, some are listed as below:2004: Sepang International Circuit Hottest Race Concert Formula One2006 & 2007: Port Dickson International Bike Fest2007: Malacca Acoustic Music Festival (Part I and II)The band has performed in so many events such as New Year Eve, Jam Fests, Pubs, Annual Dinners and many more. Eight years of diligence, Sunburst has risen in its music sense, adding up to become bolder and wiser far forward than expectation. Sunburst has a bright potential to glow in the music industry, and thank you for the constant support from its loyal fans and friends. According to the band leader, Aslam, “We really want to go out there and play.”

I must say that Sunburst has a great potential in our music industry. Let us all support Malaysia's music industry because Malaysia BOLEH! We are not afraid of competition. I personally think that the indie mainstream is a philosophy and it proves that Malaysian appreciates music. Keep the music playing, peeps! :-D

P/S: I will update you on Sunburst's upcoming shows. Thank you for your support.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Disaster Series

It's been a month+ since my last blog. Not been blogging much, oh well ... Sadly I've been terribly busy with so many things including 'bulan puasa', Raya Aidilfitri and etc that I've let things slip. Everything was crazy+fun at the same time! I've few weird+interesting stories to tell. Before I start with my Disaster stories .. I would like to wish all the Muslims 'Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri' & Maaf Zahir Batin ... It's a month of forgiving, and creating sweet memories ... :-) Although I know Raya is mostly fun for kids (especially the duit raya) ... But I had fun too ... posing with my bajus Raya! *LOL*

So what has kept me so busy? Quite a lot actually! :-) In no particular order... I shall now start with my Disastrous:

1. Sheli's stained expensive mattress

Her Fluffy peed on her RM4,500 mattress! And it cost her RM500+ to get the stain off!! OMG! The mattress guy came with some equipments+detergents just to get it cleaned. The frothy substance that was moist but not wet was left on the mattress before letting it dry. The stain began to fade during the drying off process. There were few other processes involved before drying it off. The process did take about few hours.

Now fluffy is temporarily grounded ~ she is restricted from entering Sheli's bedroom! Kesian fluffy ... But you sure learnt your lesson, Fluffy! Not to pee on mommy's mattress anymore! :-p

2. We survived a fire!

On 2nd September it was the 'cheap single gas stove' accident that led to the fire burning! How it all started? we wanted to fry eggs, but the next thing we knew, the fire was like the power of monster in front of us - and it just got bigger and bigger. We were in a state of panic however we handled the situation well! *Now we're giving ourselves a pat on the shoulders* :-)

Sheli was battling with fire ~ both of us had to get wet towels to stop the fire before it got worse and there goes Sheli's Aussino's bath rope damaged by the fire. Sorry about that, Shels. Guess what!? ~ The fire didnt stop! Sheli called up the security guards to get the fire extinguisher. The guards came up and shot out too much of the fire extinguisher where it actually only affected the wet kitchen area - but the whole house was in a deep mess! While Sheli was handling her part, my task was to call the emergency services to come rescue us!

By the time the fire brigade arrived, everything was in a mess, and Sheli asked the management to get the cleaners to help her clean her house. But it's good that with their help+Sheli's maids, the house was as good+clean as new :-). It's a new house anyways ... :-)

I must say that one thing good about all that was because we had each other ~ all the way! Sheli's been a great housemate, a great friend+sister ... my best friend actually! :-)

Mostly thanks for letting me crash your place for two weeks. :-) And making me see what I didn't see about myself.


Sunday, August 31, 2008

Golden Voice

I was watching Celine Dion's concert on ntv7 this afternoon. Damn, she looks good! I've always loved her voice ... and I am glad to crown these few other singers that i believe own incredibly super voice - Mariah Carey (totally unbeatable), Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Brian McKnight, the late soul star Luther Vandross, George Michael and a lot more.

I'm not saying our local singers are not good. We have some, who are really good - the fastest rising queen of jazz Noryn Aziz, Sean Ghazi (apparently he's my cousin - yes, first cousin), Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Jaclyn Victor, Sheila Majid, Atilia Haron and Salamiah Hassan (daughter-mother), Melissa Indot, and etc.

Why am I talking about this? Well, firstly because I have passion in singing and secondly is because of my concern in our entertainment industry that drives me to just write anything I want. *I love blogging already* :-)

I am proud to say that our entertainment industry is improving (okay, maybe not in album-selling) but as a whole, I am saying in terms of the quality of the singers. The birth of new singers such as Noryn Aziz, Sean Ghazi, Atilia Haron, has added some colours to our industry and it is with great hope that one day it will be as good as the international industry. let us pray hard for this! to be frank, I am also dreaming of being a part of the industry. :-) there is nothing wrong with that right! :-)

I myself used to take vocal class for about a month. Just wanted to feel what it is like. :-) my vocal class was in Learn-To-Sing Centre in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. And my vocal teacher was a Philipino. A lot of things to learn - the voice projection, and how to sing effortlessly .. Not easy, but it's good to just enrich my knowledge in vocal. :-) I am still looking for a great vocal teacher - I was thinking of Noryn Aziz, but i know that she's super busy ... as for now, I need a lot of exposure in stage performance - just a note to everyone, I do perform at weddings, events, and i do back-up singing too. i start small - who knows that one day i might just be the next Mariah Carey ... *think big, think big* :-)

Imagine the headline - 'Mel Mohsen, a newcomer with a golden voice'

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all the Muslim in the world ... Selamat Berpuasa.