Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Facebook Addiction

Believe it or not ... I am on facebook, 24/7! Madnessssss I know! But it's just that I find that facebook is so addictive nowadays. Insane lahhh weiii. I dont think I can leave without facebook now. It's a great social networking that is accessible all over the world. Thanks to the genious founder, Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow mates, for facebook.

Wherever I go, people will be talking about facebook. Facebook is like a life now! Being able to interact with people, send them messages, upload pictures, send virtual gifts, playing games, poke friends, other virtual actions ... makes me feel closer to people. The whole of my family has facebook! LOL That's one thing good. It's now become a medium of communication to us, the family. Other than personal, people use facebook for business purpose. oh oh and even some people I know, met their significant other on facebook. Just look how great the impact of facebook is.

Okay, first it was Friendster, then MySpace and now Facebook? And now I heard there's a Twitter, Flickr and so many others. I rather not get involved with too many, thus I will stick to only Facebook.

Lastly, I won't stop without warning people about the disadvantages of facebook. Just keep in mind of what technology can do to us. - be it bad or good. Just be careful, okay. Do not reveal all information or share everything personal with the whole world.

Keep on face-booking :-D

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