Monday, December 29, 2008

A new year ... a new beginning ... a new resolution!?

When the clock strikes twelve on 31st December 2008, it is automatic that people all over the world will cheer and wish 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' ... !!!

2009, hopefully a new year of a better tomorrow ... *fingers crossed* I have started receiving lots of New Year wishes since last week already ... Thanks everyone for the kind wishes. I would like to wish everyone another year of success, love, and happiness ...

As usual, I hear people talking about their New Year Resolutions... :-D Again!!! I've had the same resolutions for the past 3 years!! LOL and not that nothing has been done to achieve my goals, just that, it has not been 100% achieved! That makes a whole lot of a difference ok! :-p

I am rather not in the mood to write much, but I am taking this opportunity to wish everyone a new bright new year ahead!.


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Iera5005 said...

Hi..kejap je dah March. Rs mcm baru je new year.

Anyway.. U've been tagged in my blog. Ada masa check la ye..

Cheers :-)