Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sunburst - A good taste to the ear

I know I have not been blogging for a while. I do not have much things to write these days as other than working, I have been 'facebooking' ... I love facebooking! LOL Okay ... I would love to share you about something ... So read on, peeps! Read on ... :-D

Sunburst, a refreshing music group consists of 5 local music heroes - I would say, their music sense is very unique and breathtaking. Here is a brief introduction about Sunburst. For more info, please click to the link :

Sunburst, was picked out as it means the sudden appearance of sunlight, as through a break in clouds and ☆ a decorative device representing the sun with spreading rays. The band was originated by Aslam and Bird somewhere in 2001, coached by the lead member of Bluesband-BrownSugar, the late Mr Hassan Ahmad. Initially Sunburst was formed as a 3-piece blues band, but soon decided to limb out with a full backbeat. Presently, the members of Sunburst are Aslam, Kirin, Bird, Ikmal from Bentley Music and Berg, with Aslam and Kirin on guitar, Bird on bass guitar, Berg as the vocalist and Ikmal on drums.Sunburst has a very unique sound of music. For those who have seen them performing live, or heard their demos will testify. Their sound might even be described as a testament to a variety of influences. Sunburst music defies precise categorization with a mixed touch of blues, blues rock, jazz, rock, rock and roll, and country. The band is greatly influenced by Eric Clapton, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, Doobie Brothers, Johnny Winter, Eagles, Wishbone Ash, Bad Company, Rolling Stone, Freddie King, Chuck Berry and Jimmy Hendrix, among others. It is a subtle fusion of textured guitars, suave basis and driving percussion, topped with expressive vocals.Sunburst is ever ready to rock the stage, with its members' gifted music talent and a great stage performance experiences that by far satisfies the fans. These local music heroes has performed in various shows, some are listed as below:2004: Sepang International Circuit Hottest Race Concert Formula One2006 & 2007: Port Dickson International Bike Fest2007: Malacca Acoustic Music Festival (Part I and II)The band has performed in so many events such as New Year Eve, Jam Fests, Pubs, Annual Dinners and many more. Eight years of diligence, Sunburst has risen in its music sense, adding up to become bolder and wiser far forward than expectation. Sunburst has a bright potential to glow in the music industry, and thank you for the constant support from its loyal fans and friends. According to the band leader, Aslam, “We really want to go out there and play.”

I must say that Sunburst has a great potential in our music industry. Let us all support Malaysia's music industry because Malaysia BOLEH! We are not afraid of competition. I personally think that the indie mainstream is a philosophy and it proves that Malaysian appreciates music. Keep the music playing, peeps! :-D

P/S: I will update you on Sunburst's upcoming shows. Thank you for your support.

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