Friday, August 29, 2008

Ole-Ole Bali 290808

I've never had a blog before. I just feel that it would be fun to share and document my everyday's adventures, life stories, work, interest, memories, and etc ... Here goes ... my first post. :-)

It's been years ... yup! years ... FINALLY. most of us were at Ole-Ole Bali Sunway Pyramid last night for dinner - Linda, Ejay, Fildza, Osyen, Mas, Wani and myself. We call ourselves the Mass Commites. :-) Ikzal, Din, Af, Yana and a few more of us were unable to make it to last night's gathering.

I was fashionably late as i had to nurse my cat after sending her for spaying. My fluffy was on a heat cycle for few days as it was a bit late for her spaying. My male kitty, sayang was sent for neuter earlier. Fyi, they are both 10 months old now. Fluffy was born on 16th October 2007, while Sayang's on 15th October 2007. Fluffy has been growling to everyone especially sayang ever since she came back from the vet. Poor fluffy. She must be in pain ... It brought tears to my eyes seeing her condition now. She doesn't have appetite to eat. She doesn't play. She's been sleeping ever since. The favourite spot - under my bed. I've been nursing her ever since too.

As I was out, karaoke-ing with my mates (it was supposed to be Euphoria after karaoke), mom sent me a text message saying that fluffy was no where to be found! Omg!!! I was so worried sick, and so many things came to my mind ... had to excuse myself from the karaoke session, rushed home to go search for my fluffy. My bibik, mom and sister, ofy searched the entire house, but failed to find her. Drove back like mad ... all of a sudden, i felt like my adrenaline level went up very high. Believe it or not, once I reached home and as I was looking for her, the mother instinct told me to search in my room ... And there she was ... under my bed. I felt so relieved! Really ... This happened early this year when I brought fluffy back to Terengganu to meet the great grandma ... She went missing ... and I had to make a police report because I was so worried sick of her. I couldn't stop crying ... But then again, she was found at my grandma's house hiding in a cooking pot. My fluffy's so naughty! She loves to play hide-and-seek. :-) Fluffy, please don't do that to mommy again okay ... I decided not to go out until my fluffy is well ... I love my babies, fluffy and sayang so much ... Awwwwww...

Coming back to my gathering - I had a great fun even for a while. We had great laughs. Took a lot of pictures with them and yes, uploaded all of it on facebook! :-) Now everyone is all grown up! ... How time flies ... I'm glad that all these years, we're still friends ... and I hope that we will remain as friends eternally ... xoxo

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